Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kenneth Cole Hot & Cole Free Wifi & Coffee Bar!


Kenneth Cole

595 Broadway

New York, NY

Because no shopping experience is complete these days without a beverage in hand, Kenneth Cole debuted its Hot & Cole coffee bar inside its Greene Street store just before the holidays. Along with free WiFi, the café-in-shop offers complimentary coffee, tea, espresso, and hot chocolate from Joe's Coffee with cups, sleeves, and napkins bearing cheeky phrases like "Don't Spill the Beans. [Source: Kenneth Cole/Racked NY]

A look at the space inside Kenneth Cole's Hot & Cole Coffee Bar!

Nice sofa to lounge in and go online!

Drink menu: cappuccino, latte, espresso, americano, tea and hot chocolate
The selection of teas, and cute captions on the napkins, "In Case You Spill the Beans" and cup holders, "Blow Off Some Steam"
Some neat accessories to check out

A nice free perk from Kenneth Cole!

My beautiful and delicious hot chocolate,

 thanks to Sam!

Update: The Kenneth Cole Hot & Cole Coffee 

Bar is going to be there indefinitely, daily from 

around 11AM to 6PM.

Check it out and stop by for a delightful drink!


Terresa =)

Posted on 1/6/15, 6PM PST


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