Friday, May 15, 2015

Ends 5/17 - Check Out This App for Free Coffee For A Week At 165 Participating Cafes!

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Need caffeine to get through the week? How about #FREE?
In celebration of their first birthday, starting May 11th, you can snag free coffee, specialty drinks, teas, hot or iced free at 15-20 locations every day for a week just by downloading the CUPS app. The list of participating locations for the day is announced at 7AM daily.  You can actually redeem a new drink every 30 minutes until closing...but I would be wary about too much caffeine. I once drank almost 2 cups and felt the jitters - not a good feeling at all... 
All you need is your smartphone with the app to redeem the free offers. There is no need for the plan or any credit card information. 
In any case, enjoy!
Terresa =)
Posted on 5/11/15, 9:34pm PST


May 6, 2015 

Do you drink a lot of coffee? If the answer is yes, you’re going to want to pay attention. Our friends at CUPS, an app offering prepaid, subscription coffee plans that A.) help you save money, B.) help you discover hidden coffee shop treasures, and C.) let you pay quickly and easily with your phone. There are different price points and packages, and for those whose lives are fueled by caffeine, there’s also an unlimited CUPS plan. All the coffee you can drink, whenever you want it. And because we’re all friends here, use code coffeeeee to get $10 off your first CUPS plan.
Starting today, Monday May 11th, CUPS is celebrating their birthday and to celebrate, they’ll be offering free coffee at all their coffee shops, with between 20-25 shops participating daily to everyone using the app. Neither a CUPS plan nor credit card information is required to partake. Coffee Shops will be announced daily in the app, and also on the CUPS InstagramTwitter, and Facebook accounts.
CUPS is accepted at over 165 of the best independently-owned coffee shops, cafes, and bakeries across NYC, including some Infatuation favorites. Check the full list of participating vendors on their website, including the many fine establishments you’ll see below.

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