Thursday, January 22, 2015

Get Your Free IDNYC Card - Free Membership to 33 Cultural Institutions, Discounts and More!

Due to tremendous interest in the IDNYC program, you will need an appointment to

The IDNYC card is here! Although targeted to those who do not currently have a government-issued ID, including the elderly, homeless and an estimated 500,000 immigrants in the city who live in the U.S. without legal documentation, those who are are New York City residents age 14 and older are eligible to apply.  

You can use the card to enter all City buildings, such as schools, and access City services. Police officers will accept the IDNYC card as valid identification. This is important because if you do not have identification with an address, in instances where you would otherwise be issued a summons, the police officer will bring you into the police station instead.

You will also be able to use your IDNYC card as a library card. You can even use your IDNYC card to open a bank account at certain financial institutions. There is also a package of benefits including free memberships to 33 cultural institutions and discounts on prescription drugs, movie tickets, health and fitness clubs, New York City attractions, grocery store, and much more. Click the benefits link to see more benefit details.

**Don't forget to sign up here separately with your IDNYC # for discounts on travel and entertainment!

TO APPLY & MAKE AN APPOINTMENT,  CLICK HERE! (Note: Most appointments are already filled up to June or July 2014 !)


To get an IDNYC card, you must meet the following criteria:
1) At least four (4) points of documents with:
- At least three (3) points of documents proving identity.
- At least one (1) point of documents proving residency.
2) At least one (1) of the documents submitted must have a photo of the applicant, unless the applicant is 21 years old or younger and is accompanied by a caretaker who can demonstrate proof of relationship.
3) At least one (1) of the documents submitted has the applicant's date of birth.
No expired documents will be accepted except machine readable passports that expired within the last three years. Only original documents and copies certified by the issuing agency will be accepted.

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