Saturday, April 17, 2021

Secret Comedy in Brooklyn!


Secret Comedy in Bklyn

Thurs 4/22/2021 7:15pm Music, 7:45 Showtime Secret Location revealed after purchase 
21+ Event Veterans of the Brooklyn comedy scene, Gabe Pacheco and Khalid Rahmaan present safe, socially distanced comedy in a sumptuous Bed Stuy backyard. We've got some of the best comics in the scene, bottomless beverages included in the ticket price AND a Surprise Guest from late night tv!

Lineup Khalid Rahmaan (CONAN) Gabe Pacheco (Sirius XM/Eat Pray Judge Pod) Carolyn Castigila (VH1/Nickelodeon) Brittany Cardwell (Drule Comedy) Kenny Warren (Sirius XM) Brendan Sagalow (Barstool Sports/Sirius XM) + Surprise Guests Tickets are Buy 2 Get 1 free and they’re available at this link:

Enjoy the show!
Terresa =)

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Happy National Coffee Day! Click Here to Redeem Your Free Can of Coffee from RISE Brewing Co!

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Happy National Coffee Day!

El Road Marketing has a sweet surprise for you in celebration of Happy National Coffee Day.

Can you guess what it is?

Have you ever heard of or tried the RISE Brewing Co's brand of coffee?

If not, here is your chance!

All you have to do is click here, click on the "RISE Brewing Co" logo button, watch a quick video and submit your info on the questionnaire.  OR click on this link:

Feel free to mention "Terresa's Steals and Deals" when it ask for where you heard of them.

Note: It is limited to 1 unique product request per household.  So if your sibling who lives with you already requested the can of RISE Brewing Co's coffee, you can't request one under your name.  If none of your family members have requested the other brand products listed on the page, you can go ahead and submit your info for one.  

RISE Brewing Co's coffee is described as organic, non-GMO, non-dairy and low acid.  "Think a super light, refreshing stout beer meets iced coffee with a frothy head.  An infusion of nitrogen gives RISE its distinctive, creamy casade."

Click here to learn more about the RISE Brewing Co's Nitro Cold Brew Coffees.

Image source: @nyc_forfree

If coffee is not your thing, there are 4 other free full-sized product requests you can do, including:


-Banana Wave Banana Milk

-Pillars Drinkable Greek Yogurt

--Sweet Nothings Scoopable Smoothies


Enjoy your healthy and yummy snacks!

Tag me in pics of the snacks that you are able to find in stores @ terresaling and use the hashtag #ThankYouTerresaLing !


Terresa =)

Monday, September 28, 2020

New Product Review: Taft's 22mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Lights on - see the shininess!

             Lights out!

We all know what a big difference a good night's restful sleep makes on tackling the next work day's challenges.  I noticed that changing my pillow to the correct height, a higher quality one that fits my sleeping style, really helped me fall asleep faster.  (I really like those hotel-like pillows that cradle my head and bounce back to shape when I lift my head away from it.)  So, when I had the chance to try the "Taft's 22mm 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, Hypoallergenic, Both Sides Grade 6A Long Fiber Natural Silk Pillow Case, Concealed Zipper, Queen 20x30 inch" in Navy Blue for free in exchange for my review, I jumped on it. 

The pillowcase size range from Standard (20" x 26"), Queen ("20" x 30") to King size (20" x 36").  Depending on the size of the pillowcase, they come in Burgundy, Charcoal Grey, Cool White, Ivory White, Midnight Black, Misty Rose Pink, Navy Blue, Nude, Silver Grey, and Taupe.  I decided not to choose the standard white and opted for a nice blue color in the Queen size.  It cost $26.99 through Amazon.

The product arrived and was in a sleek bag that can be zipped open and closed.  I was super excited to use a mulberry skin pillowcase for the first time.  But first... it needs a quick shower or shall I say bubble bath?

The Company provided the following care instructions by email when I requested it:


Hand wash silk pillowcases inside out in cold water to maximize the lifetime of your silk pillowcase OR Machine wash cold (or just one level above cold), gentle cycle, or silk mode, with a mesh laundry bag separate from other fabrics.

ALWAYS use a mild neutral liquid detergent OR silk-specific detergents.


Do not soak dark-colored silk for more than five minutes.  Wash separately and do not mix with other harsher fabrics.

Do not tumble dry.  Use a towel to soak up any excess moisture after washing, then hang up your silk pillowcase to air dry.

NEVER use bleach products as they will cause the silk to yellow.

Do not iron your silk pillowcase.  Wrinkles in silk should disappear with time however if you do need to iron your silk pillowcase, use a low setting without steam and iron the pillowcase inside-out while it is damp.


You can also add a few drops of hair conditioner or white vinegar to the rinse water to help the silk as soft and smooth as the day you bought it.

I loved that the pillowcase has a hidden zipper so the pillow does not move around.  

It is very smooth and shiny and makes sleeping on it very comfortable.  My skin and hair are both very happy.  There is no static.  The silky nature of the pillowcase provides a cool-to-the-touch feel that is breathable.  It is perfect because it keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  

After about a week's use, I can attest that I feel like I have upgraded my sleeping experience, getting better sleep with a very lux silky pillowcase, that is well worth its price and investment. 

My other family members are already eyeing my silky pillowcase with drooling envy and have even sneakily used it. 😂😍

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Hope my review was helpful,

Terresa =)

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Free Admission to Edge!



In deep gratitude for their continued, life-saving dedication in the fight against COVID-19, healthcare professionals working in public health settings will receive complimentary admission to Edge until December 31, 2020. 

Please note that this offer is only valid to book online, and you will need to show a valid employee ID when you arrive for your visit with your ticket. If you're visiting with a group and there are members that do not work in healthcare, additional tickets must be purchased.


Enjoy the view!

Tag me in your pic @terresaling and #ThankYouTerresaLing

Terresa =)



This offer is valid through December 31, 2020. Tickets must be booked online and are subject to availability. Limited number of tickets available each day. Limit one ticket to Edge per transaction. Tickets cannot be exchanged, transferred, sold or rescheduled, and must be used only by eligible healthcare workers. Proof of employment and ID is required at entry. Eligibility for offer will be determined by Ob Deck Tenant LLC. Any add-ons or changes may be purchased on site. Limited to one redemption per person per day. Void where prohibited or restricted. Receipt and use of tickets is subject to all standard policies and rules that apply to Edge, including the Terms and Conditions presented via the ticket booking site.

Free Delta Faucet Ear Savers!



N95 and surgical masks hook around your ears. ... Our team started injection molding “ear savers” to test out a few designs, and a few short days later one of our manufacturing facilities in the Midwest started mass producing these to provide 100,000 to community heroes and our employees.

You can request 4 Delta Faucet Ear Savers for free by clicking HERE

Click HERE to learn more about Delta Faucet, the company.

No more ear pain!

Wear your masks comfortably!

Stay safe,

Terresa =)


Because, small details
can make a big difference

FREE Limited Edition Fifth Avenue Fashionable Reusable Face Masks!

UPDATE! (9/29/2020)

The purplicious masks are now available!

See link in bio of for participating store locations - It is FREE!


Now through September 28, 2020

Masks are the season's most popular accessory on Fifth Avenue. We worked with artist Reyna Noriega to create two Fifth Avenue masks. They will be distributed as a limited edition souvenir (free of charge) to businesses in the district to give out to customers to feel special and stay safe while visiting the Avenue.

Now available at the following participating retailers and dining spots:

Aquavit: 65 East 55th Street

Armani/5th Ave: 717 Fifth Avenue

Armani Exchange: 645 Fifth Avenue

Breguet: 699 Fifth Avenue

Calzedonia: 601 Fifth Avenue

David Yurman: 5 East 57th Street

Guess: 575 Fifth Avenue

Harry Winston: 701 Fifth Avenue

Il Gattopardo: 13 West 54th Street

La Bonne Soupe: 48 West 55th Street

Longchamp: 645 Fifth Avenue

Lululemon: 592 Fifth Avenue

Michael's Restaurant: 24 West 55th Street

Mozzarella e Vino: 33 West 54th Street

Radisson: 25 West 51st Street

St. John: 665 Fifth Avenue

Sunglass Hut: 590 Fifth Avenue

Tissot: 666 Fifth Avenue

Toasties: 23 East 51st Street

Van Cleef & Arpels: 744 Fifth Avenue

Wear your fashionable masks and stay safe!
Terresa =)

Originally published on 9/10/2020 st 6:35PM PST

Sunday, September 6, 2020

More Freebies - Sweet Nothings Organic Spoonable Smoothies!

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If you have requested for your Free Barnana product, Banana Wave banana milk, Pillars drinkable Greek yogurt, and waiting in great anticipation for the next free product, you're in luck because it has arrived!

The next cool product you can receive a free coupon for is... <::Drumroll::>

Sweet Nothings Organic Spoonable Smoothies! They are made from fruits, nuts and seeds!

Plant-based, ready-to-eat and frozen.

CLICK HERE to redeem your coupon! (Click the word "CLICK HERE")

If you have not redeemed the other items listed above, you can also redeem them at this link by clicking HERE.

Once the page is open, you will notice the logos of each of the brands.  Click on each logo to view a video.

After that, enter your info. 

It will ask where you heard of this offer in the survey, feel free to click on "Terresa's Steals and Deals" as the source.

Note: Limit one coupon request per brand per household.

Sit back and wait for your coupons to arrive!

After receipt of the coupon:

Trying to find a store that sells Sweet Nothings Organic Spoonable Smoothies?

CLICK HERE for the store locator!

Share your freebies by tagging me @terresaling on Instagram and using the hashtag #ThankYouTerresaLing  


Terresa =)