Sunday, January 22, 2017

This Muji is Having a Renovation Sale - Up to 50% Off!

Only the Muji store located here is having a renovation sale, ending this month on January 31, 2017.

Unfortunately not all items are included in the sale. Our favorite gelly pens and notebooks will only come home with you if you pay full price.

Some items are only 15% off.

While others are 20% off.

Some items are up to 50% off!

Another view of the store

Check out these toe socks!

What a great way to hang out on the floor!

I found a really compact sized bath towel squished into a small box that fits in the palm of your hands for only $3.

Do you spy any things you want to buy?

The Muji that is having the Renovation sale is in SoHo, located at the following address:

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Happy shopping,
Terresa =)

POSTED 1/18/17 at 9:28PM PST

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