Sunday, August 12, 2018

Free Ube and Milk Ice Cream!

If you're not already sick of all the free ice cream there is, the free ube and milk ice cream from Keki Modern Cakes continues until the end of summer! (That could mean end of August or could end any time.)

NOTE: The offer begins at noon each day and ends about 30 minutes prior closing time which is 7:30PM from Mondays to Thursdays and 8:30PM on the rest of the week.  That's when they have to clean the machines FYI.

Terresa =)

POSTED: 8/3/18 @  8:15PM PST

What better way to cool down in the sweltering heat than with some FREE Ube and Milk ice cream?

What's ube (pronounced "oo-bae")? That's purple yam/sweet potato!

This is happening only at the 79 Mott Street location in Chinatown, New York of Keki Modern Cakes. (Psst... they are the home of bouncy cakes and jiggly Danshui Castella - Check out their website here.)

Guess what? They are giving out their free ice cream every day until the end of July! OMG! Just pop in and ask for their free ice cream. You can get ube or milk flavor or ask for both and have a nice swirled version of it! See my instagram (@ terresaling) for the swirled version.

TIP: They clean their machines at 7:30PM, so be sure to stop by before that time.

And let them know what you think of their ice cream!


Terresa =)

POSTED: 7/25/18 @ 8:15PM PST

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