Thursday, June 4, 2015

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Grand Opening Week Offers!

Are you a fan of bubble tea?
I just walked by yesterday and found that a new CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice store opened.
I wish I knew earlier because for their grand opening week, they had the buy 1, get 1 free offers for a different tea each day.

This offer is only available at the grand opening location at 1384 Broadway, New York, 212.302.2225.

6/1 - Passion Fruit Green Tea
6/2 - Taro Milk Tea
6/3 - Mango Green Tea
6/4 - Bubble Tea
6/5 - Lemon Black Tea

It sounds like there might be more offers in the coming week, so keep your eyes peeled!

The drinks come in either medium or large size, with prices as low as $2.50 for a medium CoCo Green or Black Tea to $5.95 for a large mango smoothie.

What's your favorite bubble tea drink or juice? Leave a comment below!

Terresa :)


  1. Where's the location of this, please?

    1. PS I would love to see you FNO's pics!! So sad that it is no longer happening in NYC.

  2. @Lovestained - Hope you saw my updated post in time!