Sunday, September 6, 2020

More Freebies - Sweet Nothings Organic Spoonable Smoothies!

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If you have requested for your Free Barnana product, Banana Wave banana milk, Pillars drinkable Greek yogurt, and waiting in great anticipation for the next free product, you're in luck because it has arrived!

The next cool product you can receive a free coupon for is... <::Drumroll::>

Sweet Nothings Organic Spoonable Smoothies! They are made from fruits, nuts and seeds!

Plant-based, ready-to-eat and frozen.

CLICK HERE to redeem your coupon! (Click the word "CLICK HERE")

If you have not redeemed the other items listed above, you can also redeem them at this link by clicking HERE.

Once the page is open, you will notice the logos of each of the brands.  Click on each logo to view a video.

After that, enter your info. 

It will ask where you heard of this offer in the survey, feel free to click on "Terresa's Steals and Deals" as the source.

Note: Limit one coupon request per brand per household.

Sit back and wait for your coupons to arrive!

After receipt of the coupon:

Trying to find a store that sells Sweet Nothings Organic Spoonable Smoothies?

CLICK HERE for the store locator!

Share your freebies by tagging me @terresaling on Instagram and using the hashtag #ThankYouTerresaLing  


Terresa =)

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