Sunday, August 23, 2020

Free Banana Wave - World's First Non-Dairy Banana Milk!

Banana Wave is the world's first non-dairy banana milk.

It is plant-based, packed with vitamins, gluten free, non-GMO, and self-stable. 

It comes in 2 sizes of YUM: 

1. 32 ounces (in Original, Strawberry, Chocolate and Mango)

2. 8 ounces (in Original and Chocolate)

What flavors do you want to try?

CLICK HERE to learn more about the brand.

CLICK HERE to redeem your free voucher!

You will first watch a video about the Banana Wave product and then you will be asked some questions as well your mailing address! You will be supporting the USPS because a stamp will be used. Hooray!

Feel free to mention that you heard this freebie offer from my blog, "Terresa's Steals and Deals" when it is asked in the above survey!

Tell your friends! So that more freebies will be made available thanks to El Road Marketing!

Where can you find Banana Wave? CLICK HERE to find the nearest location to redeem your voucher!


Terresa =)

PS Check out my other posts for more freebies like this!

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