Sunday, March 5, 2017

How to Get Free McDonald's Medium Fries with No Purchase Necessary and Other Deals!

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The McPick 2 doesn't require the McDonald's app.
But, you might not know about it.
What's the offer?
You can mix and match any of the following:
2 for only $5.

-Quarter Pounder with Cheese
-10 Piece Chicken McNuggets
-Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich!

They also have a 2 for only $3 deal (depending on location):
-McChicken Sandwich
-Small Fries
-Chicken Snack Wrap

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Sometimes, like today, 2/16/17 they have cool offers like Free Medium fries with no purchase necessary!


Because it is to celebrate the Nets scoring triple digits in last night's game. 

UPDATE, as of March 2017,
the offer has changed to $1 Large Fries instead of Free Medium Fries FYI.

McDonald's is a proud Sponsor of the Brooklyn Nets.

This type of free Medium fries offer usually just last one day.

So be sure to check the app daily, so you don't miss it!

You will also get notifications about it.

Offers get updated weekly. 

Be sure to download the app here:

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For a limited time, check out the 3 Mac's,
Mac Jr.
Big Mac and
Grand Mac!

Terresa =)

POSTED: 2/16/17 at 7:07AM PST

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