Friday, December 30, 2016

Experience Holiday Magic, Samsung VR Presents: The Night Before!

Walking by Macy's by Herald Square on 35th Street, I spy a huge sleigh hidden in the park with Samsung gifts galore.
What's going on here?

Samsung VR presents The Night Before!
Experience Holiday Magic

Any VR participants must be at least 13 years of age and accompanied by a legal guardian 18 or older.  A special 2-D experience is available for participants under 13.

Free Gear VR for the holidays!
Buy a Galaxy S7 edge or Galaxy S7, submit a valid offer claim and get a free Gear VR gift pack.
See fine print on poster for details.

Here's the view from on top of the sleigh.
Participants wear VR glasses and Beats headphones and literally feel like they're on Santa's sleigh as the chairs move! Make sure to look left, right, above, below AND behind you!
For participants under 13, virtual reality glasses are not allowed as children's eyes are still in development and the effects on growing eyes are still unknown.  Therefore, they can view the monitor as they enjoy the ride.

Here is the view visitors see from the ground.

Show your Samsung device to get VIP access and a special surprise gift just for you from Samsung Santa! ;)

December 31st is the last day to enjoy this experience.
Be sure to get there early!
The hours are 9AM to 9PM, but could close earlier.

The Virtual Reality ride is FREE!
No need to pay.

Have fun, happy new year!
Terresa =)

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