Friday, July 15, 2016

LIMITED TIME - Download this App for an Extra $5 Cash Back and Get Money Back on Groceries!

Check out this cool app called Checkout 51 and earn $5 Cash Back for uploading a receipt! LIMITED TIME OFFER!

Not only that, you get cash back on purchasing certain items every week, so it's as if you're getting free or discounted groceries.


Here's how it works:

1. Every week, open up the app and check to see what offers there are
(ie. Buy bananas and get 25 cents back)

Buy certain items, get $X amount back.
2. Upload your receipt by simply taking a picture of it!
3. Earn cash back!! (Once you rack up $20, you can request for a check!) I've gotten my check before, so this is legit!

FAQ: There are no restrictions as to where you make your purchase, so long as you have the receipt that says you bought the item.
So you don't have to get your favorite bananas only at "xx-xpensive Store", you can get them at your usual store where you know you're getting a deal and not overpaying just to get 25 cents off.

You can use coupons on top too!
ie. If you have a coupon for the item, you can still get cash back on the item even though your item is already cheaper.

Terms subject to change. So please read the latest fine print to see what the rules are.


Make sure you sign up by June 15, 2016 and upload your receipt by July 20, 2016 to get this promotional $5 offer!

Happy shopping,
Terresa =)

POSTED 6/4/16 @ 11:43 PM PST

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