Friday, September 19, 2014

9/20 - Open Space Birthday - Come Make New Friends!

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So a friend of mine is inviting you to participate in a birthday celebration idea, an open space conversation.

Hope you can make it, even if for a few minutes

"When one life meets another, something new is born"

Conversation - The basic element of relationships, the beginning of ideas, and the foundation for change.

What were to happen if we were to come together in a single place for a bit and exchange ideas? What new possibilities could occur? That's what I'm going to try on Saturday. It just so happens my birthday is close enough so lets call it an open space birthday.

Special thanks to our hosting sponsor, Free Convo. Feel free to bring friends, no need to bring anything more than yourself. Stay as long as you like or even just 5 minutes.

Look for couches between the arch and the fountain in Washington Square Park

Hope you can make it
When: Saturday, September 20th, all day (come whenever)
Where: Washington Square Park, 5 Waverly Place, between Arch and Fountain

Let me know how you enjoyed it!
Terresa =)

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