Thursday, September 6, 2018

Women First - Fashion + Tech: A Conversation with Rebecca Minkoff!

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Women First

Fashion + Tech: A Conversation with Rebecca Minkoff

Friday, September 14, 2018

Samsung 837


Join us at Samsung 837 for a special conversation on how technology can transform what we wear and how we see ourselves. Meet Rebecca Minkoff, one the women revolutionizing the business and culture of fashion, as she shares her stories of vision, entrepreneurship and progress. Her eponymous global brand offers wide range of apparel, handbags, footwear, jewelry and accessories. The conversation will be moderated by Kim Jenkins, Instructor at Parsons School of Design. While you’re here, view Hulu’s newest original series, “The First”, on the latest Samsung devices and check out other exclusive experiences only available at Samsung 837. The adventure of the unknown comes at a cost. Hulu’s original series, “The First” a drama set in the near future about the first human mission to Mars. The series explores the challenges of taking the first steps toward interplanetary colonization.

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