Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Adios Wallet, Hola Free Comida - Lots of Free Food from Paypal!!

If you have a smartphone and have downloaded the PayPal app, you're in luck!

Once you link it up with a credit card and upload a photo, there are at least 2 handfuls of places you can go to where you can literally get free food and meals at, if not, totally discounted!


There are $5 credit purchases that you can claim and they go toward your next purchase.

First, download the PayPal app - iTunes or Google Play

Any amount that the credit doesn't cover, gets charged to your card.

Some examples of places include:

Pommes Frites - Note that if you get the sauce on the side, that will cost an extra $1.

VanLeeuwen Ice Cream 

Eight Turn Crepe


Melt Shop

Sweet Buttons

Photography by Andy Yao
Photo by: Andy Yao

M'o Gelato

Enjoy the food,
Terresa =)


Terresa's Steals and Deals! =): Ends 5/14 - Missed the TableHoppingNY offer? More Free Pommes Frites, from Paypal! And other Free Food! 

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